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Mrs. Ploughburger

Who is Mrs. Ploughburger you say?  In real life she was an 80′s Nutrisystem success story; she lost an astonishing 85 pounds or more, went from wearing a floral mumu and slip on keds to an actual outfit.  If I recall correctly her “after” photo was some form of “mom” jeans, a fitted top, and a look at me smile that said, ”I didn’t have to lay down to zip these babies up!”

In my childhood home however, Mrs. Ploughberger became an archetype, the conscious realization of food portions gone wild, overindulgence, and weight gain.  A name uttered when you sprayed an entire can of reddiwip on your already oversized slice of pie, or had to don sweatpants because your jeans had become a little too snug after feasting on pizza and breadsticks.  Yes, this was the art of “ploughing out” and being a ”Mrs. Ploughburger.”

So here I am 30 plus years later with a busy life that includes teenage sons, a toddler grandbaby, a spouse, a new business, and a fast paced job.  Lately Mrs. Ploughburger has been really active, going so far as to encouraging my coworkers to have cupcake days, indulging on Tuckers double onion burgers, and having the buttons pop on two pairs of my slacks.  Does she not realize that I have a marathon to run in 6 days?

With the marathon in 6 days I’m determined to get control.  I’m going to really watch my portions, eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies,  drink lots of water, get plenty of rest, and get my running back on track.   As for Mrs. Ploughburger, she’s quite a force to be reckonned with.  We have come to an agreement, She and I can have lunch and “plough out” AFTER my long runs.





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  1. janie wrote:

    Ms. Ploughbuger, with your determination you will make it happen. I, too am going through your plight. Heres good luck to us. I will keep you posted

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 7:22 pm | Permalink